Landscape integration ‘De Rotse’

We refer within the design to the original rugged meadow landscape with a woody boundary of the plot boundaries as also indicated on the Ferraris maps of the target area. In order to obtain the private character of the seperate plots, we use terrain profiling. Using a talud the individual plot boundary are implemented. In this way we achieve, by the combination of planting and terrain profiling that no direct insight is possible between the various private garden areas.
 We will plant this slope with solitary flowering shrubs and sow with grassy and herbaceous crops. For the planting typology, an end result of a rough grassland will be obtained whereby, on the side of the Sint-Christianastraat, an emphasis will be placed on the meadow grassland and natural character. In the border talud areas the resident owners can experiment themselves and make their contribution to the final character of the communal garden area.
A lawn will be provided between the visible slopes, in this area water storage and infiltration will also be integratedin a non-visual or intrusive manner.
The current design has as objective:
• Restoration of the slope zone in connection with Sint-Christianastraat
• Re-profiling of the site with a view to connecting the original slope of the valley wall.
• Setting up the connection to the district 'De Wieleman'
• Layout of the privative components with sight buffers by means of terrain profiling and allusion to timber sides.
• Visually connecting the surrounding landscape with the private parts
• Connection to the perimeter boundaries of the adjacent neighbors with soft closing


in construction

De Kortrijkse Toren


Architectuur A33