PV panel production line Kariouan

AVALON L+E has been appointed by UGFS NA: United Gulf Financial Services-North Africa and financing partner BIAT to develop, expand and build a new solar panel manufacturing facility and integrated solar solutions in Kariouan, Tunisia. Thanks to the support of partners such as hub.brussels and technology partners from Singapore and Belgium, we are looking forward to growing the innovative production potential in Tunisia for export to Europe. AVALON L+E is responsible for the technological choices for the new production line, project management for the implementation, financial feasibility study and tendering of the works and the composition of the new production lines.  The production capacity will be gradually increased from 12 MPWP production per year to 180 Mwp per year. A new design of the panels will increase the capacity of market-based panels from 375 Wp to 450 Wp over the operating period. This took into account the rapid technological developments and the flexibility of the production facility to evolve with the demands of the market.

United Gulf Financial Services – North Africa (a subsidiary of Kipco Group), an asset management company that offers a wide range of services such as managed portfolio services, fund services, and advisory services. United Gulf Financial Services – North Africa has helped launch several FCPR-like funds and seed funds. He has set up the investment strategies of these funds, as well as the associated governance mode, and he contributes to the establishment of a broad pipeline of projects from different stages: pre-seed, seeding, VC and development.


project completed

UGFS North-Africa

Kariouan, Tunesia

180 MWp/year