AVALON Landscape+Engineering is an international design office who’s work situates itself on the cutting edge between design and technical engineering.

We provide the connections between civil engineering and landscape and infrastructure design.

In the 20 year existence of AVALON Landscape+Engineering we have tailored our experience in design of private- and semi-private public space, landscape gardens, streetscapes, landscape frameworks for development and energy infrastructure and grid extensions.

We are consulted for urban renewal projects and development projects. We recognize the need of establishing a strong cohesion between landscape frameworks and the planning requirements for development projects to enhance the experience of the future users and the biodiversity of the site.

AVALON L+E supports grid operators and energy producers in developing strategic technical and environmental implementation of their projects and assets. In such we support the planning and construction of their large scale projects to be integrated in the landscape, connecting to existing infrastructure and minimize the impact on a environmental level and biodiversity.

We support private investors in assessing the reconversion of industrial and real-estate assets. Keeping track of local planning requirements, site and soil remediation, environmental legislation we develop a sound financial strategy in cohesion with a strong architectural and urbanistic story

AVALON L+E strives to create to create added value to the community, society and all concerned stakeholders through experience and technical excellence.