ELIA Grid extension Poperingen - Neerwaasten

In the construction of a new underground 150kV cable connection, in the territory of the city of Ypres and the municipality of Heuvelland between the high voltage stations of Ypres and Poperingen, we support our client ELIA Engineering at the road repair and restore of landscape elements.


This cable is required to ensure reliable electricity supply as a result of a significant increase in electrical energy consumption in the region. The existing 70kV infrastructure is no longer enough to continue to guarantee the quality of electrical power.


These works are part of a larger investment program, with Elia phasing out a 70kV to a strong 150kV backbone for the allimentation of the Bas-Warneton and Wijtschate region.


In this way, the entire region is finally enjoying a simplified network infrastructure that addresses the challenges of the future, and allows ELIA to continue to ensure the feed in security of the region

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