Hybrid road system waterfront Canal du Centre

Commissioned by ELIA and in consultation with SPW-DG01 we realized the refurbishmentt of a towpath along Canal du Centre. A hybrid road was drafted as a solution to different technical aspects such as exceptional usage charges for occasional transport between water-bound unloading quays, the serviceability for pedestrians and cyclists, the penetration of tree roots, the sloping of the path towards the river and of course the cost and sustainability.

After bringing the different aspects in relation to each other, we decided to work with fibre concrete in combination with reinforced asphalt. The use of fibre concrete makes is possible to work with concrete slabs of an  exceptional low thickness. An additional advantage of using this kind of concrete is the very rapid execution time; 400m of concrete road is realized every day.

By the end of November 2017 the road will be open again for walkers and cyclists.


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Mons, Belgie