Masterplan and technical proposal for Signal corporation production site

Toegether with Kencho Collective , Avalon L+E has been selected by Signal Coorporation ltd to perform a feasibility study on the construction and operation of their new production facility.

The client wishes to build and operate the new site, taking care to implement both in the architecture as in the technical infrastructure a maximum of sustainable and resilient technology.  On the site itself, more than 1.500 employees and staff will be working. Taking this in account also the social aspects such as living quarters for staff and management, communal kichtens and parking facilities for moterbikes and bicycles have been integrated in the construction budgets. 

The site itself wil produce their own energy with the PV system integrated in the roof and water will be stored  and recycled to be used in the production chain. Other options in energy production, energy balancing and optimised water magement are in futher review. 

landscaping and infrastructure will create a integrated design where not only the buildings will be maximaly ventilated by the air streams, but planting will be integrated to create natural shading, to prevent heat island effect on site and to emprove the enviromental impact. 

feasibility study


Khánh Bình, Vietnam

Kencho Collective