Parking, event zone and kiss-and-ride integration Machelen

To be able to use the car park as a multifunctional open space, the we have chosen to use a uniform level surface with a subtle division into parking bays and roadway. This by using a diversification of used material rather than physical obstacles.

The footpath along the Leihoekstraat is extended from the chapel and widened, also in the context of the new real estate development extension to the east of the parking lot. The footpath is executed in a different material than the parking lot, thus using this as a signal function to divide the soft users from the vehicules . In this way, the parking will be more of a one-of-a-kind character, which is desirable in view of the use as parking area for the housing project at the Volkshaard.

The introduction of the car park as 'kiss & ride' at the school also requires due attention to safety when entering the car park.

For the pavement, the car park works with reinforced semi-paving (crushed stone with honeycomb plates or similar). This has advantages to water permeability and remains fully accessible.

Due to the water-permeable construction, a minimum of sewerage (emergency swallowers and drainage of the surplus water) is sufficient and additional water buffering is unnecessary.




Leihoekstraat, Machelen

Egeon ingenieurs, Van Vooren bodemdeskundigen