Relocation proposal APT international

A relocation of the business activities of APT International to this site in De Prijkels has several advantages: the business activities of APT International can be rationalized; the need for travel between the APT International branches can be limited, a new building can be optimally attuned to the concrete needs of the company. Moreover, the location of the site along the E17 is favorable for the visibility of the company. The international image of APT International can also be strengthened thanks to this visible location.


Sustainable business is ingrained in the corporate spirit:


  • Refurbishing machines and giving new life,
  • Giving people opportunities by providing training for themselves to skilled technicians
  • Creativity, independence and decisiveness are core values ​​within the company
  • There is a need. The general industry needs clearly identifiable points where existing machines can be found, which can be adapted and where maintenance and repair can be provided.
  • APT International safeguards cultural heritage, especially industrial archaeological heritage.



With the development of a new branch in the Prijkels, APT International wants to fully focus on a spatial reflection of the corporate philosophy.


 The spatial translation is expressed by:


  • Give new opportunities to architectural patrimony with respect and from a contemporary vision
  • a high-quality training center in a qualitative and functional spatial framework
  • a low-threshold museum for public access to the valuable industrial archaeological heritage
  • stop waste
  • economize with energy,
  • itself responsible for energy production,
  • economize with space,
  • reduce travel needs by centralizing and relocating to a location with an adapted mobility profile.
  • a landscape framework that is not only beautiful, but can also grow into a valuable habitat for people, animals and plants
  • buildings that are not only functional, but are also equipped to stand the test of time, even if APT International is no longer there.
  • actively participate in symbiosis projects by, among other things, reserving space on and around the buildings for energy production, optimizing waste flows and transforming them into urban mining.



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