Tree incorporated

This is the name I gave to this project, but this from my perspective.

This is the brainchild of both Dirk Coussaert and myself. We both wanted to experiment in finding a equilibrium between inside and outside. A balance between landscape architecture and interior architecture.

I have invaded is space with introducing my tree-atrium.

To be able to attain this we had to dismantle the construction, a deconstruction of the existing building. To take back what once was. Inserting a open air user area, with a half open terrace on the first floor. A terrace with a direct connection tree crown and the interior living spaces. A balance between open and closed areas. The functional and pure pleasure. A transition zone between summer and winter.

The atrium is the space where contemplation has its room. This was the case for the Romans, for or contemplative religious orders and this carries on in our era and cultural identity.

Where light can penetrate, where our tree gets a central function. Nature reclaims the space that was hers to begin with. As it will always be. When we look at the spaces that elude our human attention, and we have given up our constant fight against the elements, nature reclaims its rightful place, in our space. Then we stroll by and wonder about the beauty. 

accomplished 2016

Dirk Cousaert

Stationstraat 150, 9690 Berchem

Vermeulen Philippe - Dirk Cousaert