Landscape architecture

To be able to create a strong architectural and environmental design approach, it is important to have, after an in depth assessment of the site, a broad contextual setting and the relationship to the adjacent landscape, the desired functionality and architectural and engineering opportunities.

A thorough analysis is a preempt on a successful result.

To each project we define and prioritize intrinsic values which, after due consideration and research can be strengthened or need to be remediated in the future design development.

In relation to these we research possible scenarios and interpretations up to a final design in concord. In this design phase we examine both objective as subjective components such as  : social relevance, people, biodiversity, community impact, added value, financial benefit, energy management, grid utility, transport, traffic circulation and rational use of available structural surfaces and volumes and surfaces.

We strive to design a planning that excels in providing high quality landscape and environments.

We are convinced that introducing innovative engineering in designing our landscapes has a positive influence on our direct  living environment and needs to reflect our responsibility to have protect our climate.