As a design team we chose to have an integrated approach of where the different expertise's in the team can be fully employed in the process. The research of varying scenario’s are done both from a pragmatic approach, limitative account and supplementary opportunities, but also from an economic and technical perspective. Naturally also legal technical elements are taken in account.

One of the major challenges is to activate the available space to a durable economic accretion of the development area.

We wish to actively approach all stake holders in the design and development project. Through the integration of a structured approach of these stake holders in the design and development phase we create a consensual base approach to the project. We obtain this by actuating workshops, participation models and informal contacts  will all concerned parties.

The result needs to be transparent and traceable to all concerned actors and will be reflected through both online and offline communication platforms. The goal for all parties is clear and definite : create a new and sustainable space and environment.

AVALON Landscape+Engineering design approach is a encompass model. We confront this as a think tank where subjective information (ex public hearing results) engineering framework (both landscape architectural and architectural viewpoints) as analytical knowledge such as economic feasibility, environmental impact as social benefit account ae combined.

As is the validation of tertiary functional modeling of the real-estate potential as for live-and care habitations, cohabitation, retail and shopping, residential and non-residential living models.